Cav Empt Design Studio Overdye T-Shirt

I can’t decide whether this over-dyed graphic print tee from Cav Empt reminds me of the early output of Massimo Osti or Factory records, which probably means there’s a fair bit of both in there. Neither of them were strangers to a sharp bit of design or a studio for that matter. Whilst this piece of majestic menswear was made in Japan rather than Manchester of Bologna I daresay that if you had a good delve around the Cav Empt studio you’d find something relating back to each of Mr Osti and Mr Wilson’s empires after a quick rummage. Though if these cultural reference points are too old for you then I just recommend buying this t-shirt because it’s a bloody lovely shade of blue and has some sick graphics on it too.

Buy a Cav Empt Design Studio t-shirt from Wellgosh here.


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