Chaco’s Quilted Slippers Don’t Slip Outdoors

The worst thing about the down filled, quilted, or otherwise winter-tuned slipper trend is that, due to the lack of grip, they’re almost always designed solely for indoor use (yes, that was a very bad pun). A trip to the bins isn’t an issue, but what about an expedition? An afternoon walk? There’s never enough cushioning for a prolonged period of time, and the next best option, if you’re really here for a bit of cosy thermal conditioning, is a snow boot. Quite a big jump, isn’t it?

This Chaco Ramble pair has updated the house slipper with outdoor needs, including grip on the sole, cushioning and support around the sides, and ripstop nylon uppers. The nylon keeps the foot dry, the cinch locks you in, and the sole makes sure that the slippers don’t slip. Perfect.

Grab a pair from Parasol.

Chaco Rambles at Parasol.

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