Champion, Margaret Howell and more Peggs & Son

I’m living a full on internet cliché at the moment; I have no money and there’s loads of nice stuff out. I’ve read that exact comment countless times on nerdy internet forums and twitter feeds over the years and thought it was a bit contrived, and now I’ve gone and started a blog post with it. Sake.

Anyway, listen to this. I ended up not studying textiles at sixth form because it wasn’t an appropriate option choice for a 16 year old lad who loved cider and going the match. Partly due to this and partly due to a perpetual problem of always having other stuff to do and not signing up for any night school courses and that – I lack the theoretical understanding to impress you with my fashion speak about shoulder constructs, colour palettes and yarn details. Or whatever. I just like nice things and I think I know nice stuff when I see it.

So, here you have it. I have no money, no knowledge of how making clothes works but here’s a personal wish list (for when I hopefully get a big fuck-off paycheque at the end of the month) and a big, massive hint for any kind souls reading; I REALLY LIKE ALL THIS STUFF AND WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE SOME FREE SHIT.

Check all this out and hit the link at the bottom.

(I’m on the medium size of large and a 32″ waist.)

_champion_sweat_-_vintage_white_1_ 1 aston_pant_samoa_wool_-_olive_4_ fishtail_trousers_-_osbourne_green_1_ rane_coat_-_blue_1__2 relaxed_track_trouser_-_indigo_1_ renton_denim_jacket_-_indigo_1__1 rusty_vest_-_midnight_1_ shirt_coppi_-_white_1_ wide_placket_shirt_-_black_1_ worker_trousers_-_turner_green_4_

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