CHANEL: My Two Scents

Being the schizophrenic, on the cusp Taurean/Gemini cross-breed that I am, I have a somewhat mercurial and transient sense of identity and approach to style. One day/minute I may aspire to look like a young John Shuttleworth off for a wander round the Peak District’s many garden centres, the next I’m trying to evoke the ‘Je ne sais quoi’ of human Pepe le Pew Serge Gainsbourg whilst doing my twice weekly cheese & wine shop. These Jekyll and Hyde moods are not just
reflected in my choice of daily pursuit or outfit, oh no, I also have to get my personal scent just right too. Fortunately, formidable French, fragrance-smiths Chanel have the answer to my duplicitous olfactory needs. So when I’m after a bit of Gallic sophistication I reach for my bottle of Égoïste Platinum (Fragrance fact 1: originally named ‘Bois Noir’ when it first appeared in the US in 1987 fact fans) with its’ well travelled top notes of Sicilian tangerine and Brazilian rosewood. Whereas if I’m feeling more rugged and outdoorsy I’ll go for several pumps of the super masculine, super fresh Allure Sport (Fragrance fact 2: whose bottle is based on the Chanel J12 watch) to make sure people know I mean serious business when I’m out pricing up Alpine heather at the Chestnut centre. Either way, you really can’t go wrong if you smell of Chanel.

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