Chevignon SS18 at TOO HOT

As we all know, TOO HOT are the absolute dons when it comes to suppling us with jaw droppingly good vintage tackle so imagine my glee when I spied they had some boxfresh, deadstock Chevignon gear on sale. I couldn’t believe just how ‘well’ it all looked, until that is I realised that it was spanking brand new Chevignon SS18 gear on show. Which explains exactly why they’re selling it doesn’t it? The quality and designs are both of a high enough quality to sit happily alongside original pieces from that wonderful era back when wearing a piece of French Americana inspired sportswear guaranteed you entry into the cool bastard cool. Extra props also go to the TOO HOT squad for doing a photo shoot on a duck hunting tip too.

Shop the Chevignon SS18 collection at TOO HOT here.


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