Chilly’s Bottles Use Art to Promote Climate Activism

The pervasive impact of plastic bottles on the planet doesn’t need to be highlighted by anyone – not in 2021, anyway. It did, though, 10 COPs ago, when Chilly’s got off the ground. 

Chilly’s was founded in 2010 with the goal “to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products.” If the results of COP26 are anything to go by, this goal is still a necessity, as more and more plastic washes up in the ocean and on beaches worldwide. 

Reusable bottles are an adept way to cut out plastic. Chilly’s double-insulated walls maintain the temperature of the bottle effectively, keeping hot hot for 12 hours and cold cold for 24 hours. They’re lightweight, rust-resistant, and made of food grade stainless steel – which means there’ll be none of that off-tasting influence that tends to permeate the flavour of lower-end drink containers.

The patterns incorporate art from various ceramicists and illustrators, such as Emma Bridgewater and Joey Yu. The attractive inclusions offer the opportunity to showcase artistic inclinations, or you can play it safe with modernist and muted designs.

Shop a range of Chilly’s at Parasol.

Chilly’s at Parasol.

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