‘Nobody is perfect’ an exhibition about t-shirts this weekend in Manchester

Vintage clothing merchant Chris Henderson is launching a zine and exhibtion about some of his favourite tshirts with Village books this Friday 29th July.

After upscaling his business during lockdown, Chris now spends his time sourcing and aquiring forgotten fashions for both men and women. His selection is true to his personal style, embodying a grungey mancunia via americana look that is encompassing of multiple subcultures and eras.

Alongside the wonderful jackets, knits, jeans and cowboy boots Chris has for sale, there is a constant stream of delectible graphic tees. References to places, sports, tv shows, cars, foods and more can be seen in the ones he currently has for sale, but its his penchant for hanging on to the ones that speak to him the most that is the focus of the zine and exhibition.

There’s no intrinsic theme that ties his curation for the project together, which exactly what makes his tees such interesting objects to observe. You may find yourself feeling a resonance with one of the shirts due to a reference, illustration or set of words in a way that is entirely subjective to you. Others, like the tee from which the name of the project was taken, are objectively great. So great infact that Chris has recreated it by screenprinting it onto a bunch of preloved blanks that will also be avaliable over the course of the weekend.

It’s running from the 29th-31st July so if you’re in Manchester this weekend it’s certainly worth checking out.

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