Christian Beetz [FRWCTRL] : Passing Landscapes

I discovered Christian Beetz mixes/music through our (ol’) pal Steve Lee via Soundcloud, which he posted on Twitter. It’s mad how thing’s fall into place, I mean there’s no way that would’ve happened 10 years ago – and very unlikely as Christian’s from Germany, Hamburg to be exact. Ain’t internets great?

Christian actually has his own blog called FRWCTRL, which stands for Frequency Without Control, what you’ll find is he airs rare and obscure 80’s/Italio/Balearica whilst throwing in his own edits here and there – well worth a nose about if you’ve a spare 10 or so.



He’s called this particular mix Passing Landscapes and says ‘it is a bit confused like the changing landscapes when you are traveling’. Check the links below to get schooled, and his Favourite Fives to get a flavour of what he’s all about.


1. Cantoma – Alive Ft Bing Ji Ling
2. Vicente Rojas – Esto No Es Para Bailar
3. Lins & Ford – Humble Maid
4. Sandy Dian – Computer’s Dream
5. Ryan & Kleinfeld – Heartbeat

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