‘Ciao’ Mario Testino (Taschen)

From it’s art and architecture to it’s coats and coffee when it comes to Italy we couldn’t be more in love with this legendary Latin land here at Proper. Though Peruvian by birth, world renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino shares our appreciation thanks to his Italian roots and the fact he’s been shooting it’s famous folk and features for over four decades. Which brings us to this exquisite book Ciao which is Mario’s intimate ode to Italy that he’s divided into three sections: The first documents his arrival and exploration in the Seventies whilst the second showcases his work with some of the biggest brands and models in the world with the third expresses his love for life on the Italian coast.

As you’d expect, it’s a phenomenal selection of shots that capture Mario’s very own ‘dolce vita’ with everything from behind the scene moments of the rich and famous to religious festivals and mouth-watering meals on display. So if you share ours and Mario’s profound love for this magnificent country and can’t get over there to indulge yourself at the moment, then get hold of a copy of Ciao here and prepare to lose yourself in this beautiful photographic love letter to bellissima Italia.


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