Clarks Desert Trek in Beeswax Leather

I just spent a very long time researching Clarks’ Beeswax Leather to find out if there was any beeswax involved. It turns out (I think) that beeswax is merely the name that Clarks uses to describe that variation of leather. That way, they can distinguish between that and, say, tan leather. 

I did find out that if you want to protect these Clarks Originals Desert Trek from the elements, beeswax leather balms – these are beeswax in more than name – are the one to use. Alternatively, I’m quite fond of the faded, worn-out, I’ve-been-hitchiking-trains-for-ten-years look that they take on after repeated use. They are, after all, for desert trekking.

Clarks Originals at Terraces.

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