Clarks in Jamaica (One Love Books)

Before opening this wonderful book, I assumed it would be a promotional photo album type affair featuring loads of happy dreads and moody rudeboys in modern day Jamaican settings looking all irie/slick in their recently gifted Clarks Originals. As a long time fan of reggae music and suede shoes from Somerset I was more than happy to go along with this deal but upon opening I realised I was very wide of the mark and in for an even bigger treat. I should have known better really given author Al Fingers’ previous well researched books on Camouflage and Greensleeves covers. ‘Clarks in Jamaica’ not only features some truly ace photos (of genuine reggae stars in their own genuinely purchased Clarks) but also gives a detailed history of the brand’s roots and evolution as well as its strong ties with the well dressed residents of Jamrock.

There’s everything you could possibly need here, from archive adverts to anecdotes about Jah Thomas going on Clarks finding expeditions to Tommy Balls in Blackburn. So whether you just want to see Frankie Paul in a pair of Hoverveldts, discover which shoes started off life as the ‘Grasshopper’ or really need to know why Desert Mali’s are named after a French woman but called ‘Revolutionary Clarks’ in Jamaica. It’s all here in this must-have book for fans of the desert boot and it’s dubbed up disciples. Why can’t all history books be like this? A 100% essential purchase.


PS We recommend you listen to this TUNE whilst thumbing through the book

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