‘Clarks in Jamaica’ by Al Fingers: Second Edition

Shout ‘ip ‘ip ‘ooray and hand I the suru board because the highly anticipated second edition of Al Fingers ‘Clarks in Jamaica’ book is here! A must-have publication for anyone that loves wearing a crepe-soled shoe and hearing a rib rattling bassline (ideally at the same time) as well as those of you who have a profound interest in iconic shoe design and Caribbean culture. Which, in nutshell, is me, so thank you Al for making pretty much my favourite book of all time again!

 Updated with new interviews, photographs, and previously unseen archive material the second edition continues to celebrate the unique connection between Clarks footwear and Jamaica. Fans of the Polyveldt are catered for in this new version too with a section dedicated to this uncompromisingly iconic shoe which you can also get a sneak preview of in the forthcoming edition of Proper.

Whilst the feel-good factor levels have also been turned up to maximum thanks to Al working with Clarks to set up a community partnership with the Maverley Primary & Infant School in Kingston, where 340 students received a new pair of ‘Champion shoes’ donated by Clarks. You can order a copy from One Love Books here, oh and whilst you wait for it to arrive you can check out this superb video featuring Raheem Sterling, Original Koffee, The No-Maddz and M1illionz explaining why Clarks shoes mean so much to Jamaicans…

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