Clarks Originals Add Flair to Timeless Classics

Clarks Originals are as old as time and Clarks is older still.

Clarks, first established as C. & J. Clark in 1825 Somerset, is not far away from celebrating its 200th birthday. Name another brand that old. It’s almost impossible to contemplate. 

Anyway, in the 50s, Clarks introduced Clarks Originals, a home for their timeless models that defined the growth of the brand: the wallabee, weavers, desert boots. These models stretch from Somerset throughout the rest of the world, showcasing a rich history that never stayed in one place for too long, from the wallabee’s adoration in Jamaica, to the desert boots origins in colonial Cairo. 

Parasol’s range of Clarks Originals is top-notch, including a variety of embroidered pieces that add a distinct flair to classics, like this maple weaver. 

Clarks Originals at Parasol

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