Clarks Originals at Pavilion Clothing


New Year; new shoes. That’s the saying isn’t it?

It’s not, I’ve just made it up, but it bloody well should be.

No better time to treat your feet to some sole-ful shoes than now, and there’s no shoes more full of soul / sole than these Clarks Originals Classics available at the Welsh Wardrobe Wizards – Pavilion Clothing.

We’re thinking classic soul here; your Otises, Supremes, and Smokeys; timeless pieces not your fly-by-night Craaaaaaig Davids.

Yep, it’s a well known fact that here at the ProperMag Footwear Depository we’re in love with trainers, however, fortunately for us that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a long-standing and passionate affair with the world of casual suede shoes.

No-one has done the beautiful basics better or longer than Clarks Originals, and Pavilion have hand picked six of the best, for more classic crepe goodness than you’d find at The Dutch Pancake House (RIP).

If you want a topping of suede on your crepe, Pavilion can offer you either a Sand coloured Jink or a Cola Wallabee, or the ‘Originals Original’ – the Desert Boot in Wolf or Sand.

1420557489-307164001420628200-58946600-11420628197-221063001420627508-535972001399031470-437655001399031474-73130000Still not ready to brave the suede, in these inclement months? No bother, Pavilion will sort you out with either the Beeswax Jink or the Brown Tumbled Leather Desert Boot (I’m assured it has nowt to do with the dodgy clown off CBeebies.)

1420556081-980613001420556085-305518001420562962-62096000Head over to Pavilion and start to #ReclaimTheClassics with Clarks Originals now.


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