Clarks Originals Classics At Pavilion Clothing

We’re a Broad Footwear Church here at ProperMag; we normally ‘welcome one, welcome all’ when it comes to shoes and trainers, we see the merits in most (apart from Toms; they’re not for the likes of us).

But sometimes you need to put your Weaves, your Flyknits and your Hexalites to one side; ‘cause what is needed (89.7% of the time in my case) is a pair of unadulterated suede classics. And we all know who we turn to in this case: the Originals and still the best; Clarks.

It’s good to see our favourite stores stocking our favourite brands, which is what the Welsh Wonders at Pavilion Clothing have done recently in adding Clarks Originals to their already strong roster of brands.

Starting off small and keeping it simple, they’ve decided just to line up the classics. No ‘Pioneering Collabs’ here, just silhouettes in colourways we all know and love.

A couple of Desert Boots; one in Sand Suede and the other Beeswax Leather, a Desert London in Cola Suede and a Desert Trek in Sand Suede – a thing of true beauty, up there alongside Return Of The Jedi era Carrie Fisher and any era (give or take the last 10 years) Debbie Harry.


One (if not all) should already be in your wardrobe, but if not solve it by using your ‘Proper Discount’ and getting 10% off at Pavilion Clothing now.


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