Clarks Originals: Desert London & Weaver Boot


We have some very important crepe-soled shoe news to bring you, concerning the recent sightings of a pair of cola coloured weaver boots as well as some wonderfully waxy and beautiful black suede Desert Londons over at Grants 1856. Now it’s no secret how we at Proper think that weavers are the best shoes ever in the whole wide world but these Desert Londons have a fair amount of charm about them too. The beeswax leather versions put me in mind of that craze for waxed docs we experienced back around 1987 when those in the know all had a pair, the Next catalogue was revered as a style bible and spraying Rapport or Jazz on your blazer was the order of the day. Similarly the suede version shares that ‘smart yet still very much welcome down the pub’ vibe too. Three different shoes, each of them great in their own way, now excuse me as I need to Crep Protect my weavers before I start drooling on them again.

Go get a great pair of shoes from Grants 1856 here.








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