Clarks Originals: Edgar Way

Look who’s been dipping into their archive (or should that be Clark-ive?) and resurrecting items of outstanding crepe-soled beauty. I’ve been pestering Clarks for several years now to resurrect the beloved Wayfarer/Wave Way model and after my last demonstration whereupon I paraded outside their Street offices for several hours holding a placard that read ‘ELIZABETHAN FOLK SINGER STYLE SUEDE SHOES FOR EVERYONE’ it seems to have paid off. Clarks Originals have seen sense and released the enigmatic Edgar Way back into its natural habitat i.e. weaving in and out of the avenues and alleyways of the North West of England (and beyond).  In all seriousness though I can’t tell you how happy I am that this proper top shoe is now in my possession and if there’s a more suitably autumnal piece of footwear anywhere in the world then I’d really like to see it. There’s only one way to go this autumn, the Edgar Way.


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