Clarks Originals Weaver at Grants 1856


With my TV showbiz connections I was lucky enough to interview Quentin Tarantino  a few years back and after the interview, once the camera had stopped rolling I decided to ask QT just what was in that case in Pulp Fiction that made everyone’s face light up whenever they opened it. “Oh that…” he said “..it was a pair of Clarks Weavers in maple suede, I thought that was kinda obvious no?” OK so I totally made that bit up but admit it, it made you buzz just a little didn’t it? Well I’m proper buzzing too because my favourite Clarks shoes the aforementioned Weavers have been re-issued, though in what appears to be a pretty limited supply with them not even being on sale on the Clarks site. Mercifully our top mates over at the most excellent Grants 1856 have got a healthy amount in stock with both maple and black colours available. I’d stock up now if I were you as who knows when we’ll see these blanket-stitched beauties around again.





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