Clarks Originals x 6876 Part II

Dessert Boot 2

It’s a widely held notion in POPular-culture circles that the original is better than the sequel.

We all know though, being the culture vultures we are, that this is pure POPpycock.

Be it film or music, the follow-up may sometimes lack the initial impact or effect of the OG, but it’s a chance to refine, to entrench and to develop a style, and importantly to take your fans on a further journey down different tracks.

If you didn’t manage to get yourself a pair of either of the swish suede twosome from the first drop of the 6876 & Clarks Originals  release, rightly regarded by many (well, me at least) as one of the best collaborative releases Clarks have ever done, and have been kicking yourself to the far end of your street and back ever since for missing out; then you’re in luck.

Part two is here; and, like all the best follow ups, it’s different but still bloody great.

Using the same 2 classic models – the (Original) Desert Boot and Desert Trek this time ditching the suede in favour of Premium Scotch Grain Calf Leather – soft on your feet and a perfect ‘two fingers-up‘ to the incoming Showers of April (and probably the rest of the summer months to be fair) and a material that you know, just by looking at, it is going to age far better than you are.

Both styles still feature a veg tan runner board, between that famous crepe sole and tumbled leather upper, to give a bit of extra stability and comfort, and it’s embossed with both 6876 & Clarks Originals logos.  There’s also a dual branded heritage lace fob; which on the Trek uses the original fob shape and Trek Man illustration taken directly from the Clarks archive. As lace fobs go – we’re not fobbing you off – it’s a corker.

Dessert Boot 4

Dessert Boot

Dessert Boot 7

Dessert Boot 1

Dessert Boot 5

Dessert Trek 3

Dessert Trek 1

Dessert Trek

Dessert Trek 5

Dessert Trek 6

Dessert Trek 2


Available as well from our finely-shod-feet-loving friends down the road at Oi Polloi and across those Pennines at The Hip Store.


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