Clarks Originals x Supreme Wallabee


We’re not going to waste time telling you about Clarks Originals Wallabees here. There’s no need. You already know.

Likelihood is, in your adulthood you’ve had a pair (or more than one) and likely still do; so you know how good this iconic shoe is.

You know how its been worn by everyone from CrystalMeth Chemists to Cord and plaid donning Ivy leaguers; Boggled-eyed Britpoppers (soz Rich) to Brookyln B-Boys; and of course potty mouthed Rap Collectives (yes Ghostface, we’re looking at you and your lads.)

So how do you make one of the best shoes betterer? You could play around with the soles; but we’re ‘cheese men’ here so crepe’s always gonna be best. You could be dead ‘designery’ and change the uppers’ material; but come on this is a Wallabee. Since the 60’s we’ve swooned over the suede, so we’re not gonna change now. Everyone knows suede moccs are really where its at.

It’s with a very clear ‘knowing nod’ to GFK (the “Wallabee Kingpin”), that New York hipster favourites Supreme turn with their latest Clarks colab.

No great design overhaul, or reinvention of the Wallabee wheel. Just that low silhouette with some bold as brass colourful suede. And bloody hell it works. Well.









Released on the 5th March via the Supreme Stores in NYC, LDN, & LA and online…we’re thinking ‘rocking horse shit’ levels of rarity.

So if yo wanna be the Wallee Champ, you’re gonna need to pull out all the stops to get ‘em. Yo!

*pours a brew and reverts back to speaking in the Queens’ English*

For non Supreme but still super Wallabees, check out:


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  1. Paulo Aleixo

    Where can i buy online this Clarks Originals Wallabees Supreme?

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