Cloth Sale Picks

I’m useless at golf. I’ve played cricket since I was 6 years old and have no problem hitting a cricket ball moving towards me at speeds up to 80mph. Granted, +80 things gets a little trickier and I don’t always hit it sub-80mph, but, yeah, the point is that hitting a moving object with a piece of wood isn’t a problem.

Switch that ball to a golf ball and place it on the ground in front of me – and I will really struggle to give it a clean hit. 30% of my golf hits are pretty decent, 50% at least move it in the general direction of the hole, but the final 20% of my shots – that awful, memorable 20% – are truly terrible. I’ll sometimes miss the ball altogether or manage to hit the ground about 3 inches before the ball.

Most often though, during those 20% of shots, my club will strike the ball and make a strange, flat noise, a weird hard and hollow feeling emanating into my hands from the club. The ball will bounce off the club-head at what looks like a decent trajectory.

“Shot.” My mates will say. But I’ll know, I’ll know straight away, and I’ll tell them straight away,

“Nah, I’ve cloth-ed it.”

Oh. It’s Cloth not ‘Clothed’?


The sale at Cloth is class. Here’s a few picks but get involved before it finishes and there’s even extra discount to be had.
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