Clown Skateboards ‘Finishing What We Started’

Twenty years ago mates Jeff Boardman and Vikas Malik decided to put on a street party in order to showcase the work of an up and coming, yet still relatively unknown street artist they were big fans of called Banksy. The Rivington Street Exhibition was a huge hit and coincided with Banky’s first little black book ‘Banging My Head Against a Brick Wall’ and inspired the dynamic duo to set up their own brand called Clown that would incorporate Art, Music, and Skateboarding with their mate Banksy providing artistic duties on the logo and designs for the first two boards.

Clown Skateboards soon became a much loved, lifestyle, underground brand with some incredible events, sponsorships, and decks before going on a lengthy 15-year hiatus. The great news is that Jeff and Vikas are bringing Clown back this year as open-minded as ever with a strong desire to foster communities that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Building on their legacy their aim is to pay it forward by making a practical commitment working with Skateboarders, Musicians, Artists & Local Makers to help kids in less privileged circumstances get involved with scenes that have nourished them.

Now they’re officially back you can pick up a Clown Skateboards Banksy products here (a restock is imminent) the profits of which will all go towards helping Clown donate skateboards to kids or organisations that need them most. Which is pretty amazing innit? Top work all round everyone!


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