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Favourite Threesome?

The Supremes? Definitely up there.

Neve Campbell, Denise Richards and Matt Dillion getting jiggy together in late 90’s teen romp Wild Things?  Probably not.

Pender, Deary, Conroy the spine of the Burnley side that won the 4th Division title in ’92?  For me ‘yep’, for you I’m guessing ‘nah’.

Well what about this for a holy triumvirate:  Harris Tweed, Corduroy, and Ventile.



I can hear you questioning already.  All 3 materials in one jacket? Yes.  Too much cloth? No way.

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What Trickett have done with their new Coach Jacket is bring this manage a trois of ‘Great British’ fabrics and used them to up the standards of an American institution.  You might call it beating them at their own game…but I couldn’t possibly comment.


So how have these 3 stalwarts of British cloth been put to good use.  The technical aspects of Ventile and fully waterproof zips make for a jacket that will perform both on the rain sodden sidelines and the beer puddled bar, yet is still light weight enough for wearing over the next few months.


The ‘Manchester Cloth’ used on the collar, cuffs and inside pocket, alongside the Harris Tweed lining bring a bit of tradition and give a respectful acknowledgement to ‘heritage’ brands who’ve used both for years.


If you’re ‘into’ pockets…(lets be honest if you’re reading, you’re bang ‘into‘ pockets)….there are plenty enough for you to wonder which one’s got your tram ticket in, and where the hell you’ve put your keys.


Trickett are the first to acknowledge that the coach jacket is one which has been done, if not to death, then to within an inch of its life in recent times.  But where as the pretenders have gone down the ‘Retro-America’ line of shitty quality cloth, or the ‘Modern-Hipster’ huge screen print on the back, beauty here is in simplistic quality that allows the trinity of fabrics to do the talking.


The Trickett Coach Jacket is available direct from their online store from 7 pm on Friday 25th April.


It’ll set you back £275 and “comes with a surprise in every pocket”  – something that’s not been heard since the after-show parties of the late 70’s Top Of The Pops – how could you refuse?


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