Coats with Hoods

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“Show Yul, Whash With the Cagoule…….”

“……leave it out Sean, we’ve got Millwall away, gotta look the part ain’t I, plus there’s a chance it could rain later and I don’t wanna re wax me head”

Coats, jackets, outerwear, or whatever the fuck you wanna call them, have got to tick 3 boxes for me. Can I wear it to football? Can I wear it to a gig? Does it do right up to the neck? If it’s got a hood then that’s an added bonus and I reckon 85% of mine have.

Fortunately the summer seems to have done one, which is a nice excuse to invest in a decent hooded jacket or five, to keep my greying barnet dry.

One of my favourite purchases from the last couple of months is the La Paz Lobato from Newfangle Clothing. There’s a couple of sizes left in the ridiculously cheap sale price of €95 (approx £80) and although they’re based in Portugal Newfangle’s delivery service is quick and cheap.

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Also on a budget is the K-Way range at Oi Polloi where you can get all 7 colours/styles for less than a monkey (Rodney) or £408 to the non mockney of you.


Further up the price scale is the Nanamica Fishtail Coat also at Oi Polloi. This is a design classic that uses bang up to date fabrics and as an added bonus (for me) the khaki looks like the one Liam Gallagher’s wearing in the D’You Know What I Mean video. For the record I fucking love that song, video and Be Here Now. What, what, WHAT? I know it’s a bit long and self indulgent (a bit like this post) but there’s some great tunes on there. Anyway, it’s probably raining, treat yourself.


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