Cocktails of the Movies (Prestel)



Cocktails of the Movies von Will Francis
Cocktails of the Movies von Will Francis

How many times have you watched the Blues Brothers and thought ‘what is an Orange whip?’ Or what about the many, many times you’ve watched the Big Lebowski and said ‘I’m gonna make myself a load of White Russians next time I watch this’ only to have completely forgotten about these boozy plans by the time the credits are rolling? Well fortunately the dual genius of Will Francis and Stacey Marsh have combined the two greatest things in the world (booze and movies) in this handy sized book that’s full of the kind of cocktail recipes that are worthy of winning an oscar themselves. From Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters to Tequila Sunrises each detailed recipe is accompanied by a cool illustration of it’s cinematic quaffer alongside some info on how and why that this is their particular tipple of choice. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for an Egg Nog with Cary Grant…

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