Cocoa Hernando


First it was coffee, then it was beer, then burgers and now it seems that our beloved chocolate bar has grown up and gone all interesting. Much as I love a Dairy Milk now and again you really can’t beat a bar of ‘proper’ chocolate i.e. one that’s all about the cocoa solids and quality ingredients rather than how much sugar is in it. Decent chocolate is much like selvage denim in that once you’ve experienced the quality stuff you realise you’re never looking back and how cheap and nasty the other stuff is.


Our current proper choc of choice comes from Paul Tomlinson’s Cocoa Hernando who has skilfully combined his globe-trotting experiences with a diverse range of luxury flavoured chocolate bars. From India comes Milk Chocolate with Masala chai, the Morrocco bar is dark chocolate with spearmint, Himalaya means milk chocolate and a dash of pink salt, the Mexico bar spices things up with dark choc and chipotle whilst my out and out favourite is Syria which, a delightful mix of dark choc and Damascan rose. So if you like everything in your life to be the best that it possibly can be, make sure that you’ve got a stash of Hernando in your cupboard, you and your tastebuds won’t regret it. You can get hold of it in Harvey Nichols & Selfridges or online HERE.


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