COLMAR A.G.E X Shayne Oliver

Driven by ‘Alpine nostalgia’ American designer Shayne Oliver has delved into the Colmar archives to bring back some of the brands best pieces as seen through an imaginative and somewhat avant-garde pair of ski goggles. Shayne even illustrates his source of inspiration through a rubberised label sewn onto each of the pieces and had this to say on the collab: “Colmar has an incredible heritage in outerwear and it is indisputably the master of ski apparel. Searching through their almost centenary archives was exciting. And it was particularly intriguing to transform these collections and reconfigure them through street language and my aesthetics. Our encounter is an experiment in mood and energy which drives the outerwear collection a maximum, juggling the iconic products of Colmar with my sense of performance and a unisex approach to wearing fashion.” Designed in three separate collections for COLMAR A.G.E.The launch collection will be available in Browns, Dover Street Market NYC and additional premium retailers globally.


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