Colourful Standard Classic Organic T-Shirts

Regardless of the unpredictable climate a high quality t-shirt is a year round staple whether you’re wearing it under several layers of fleece and goretex or sweating it on with a pair of shorts. I must have at least 100 t-shirts but probably only a handful that I can just throw on at any time and any place. Colourful Standard make exactly this kind of t-shirt, constructed from organic cotton in Portugal they’re garment dyed and pre-washed so they won’t shrink or run when you put them in the wash.  At only £30 a pop they’re also incredible value for money given that a lot of other brands will charge you two or three times this for a tee with their logo on that is essentially just a stock tee. So bag yourself some beautifully coloured basics over at Grants 1856 here.


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