COMICS A global history, 1968 to present


If you’re a fan of comics then I don’t need to explain how important this book is, if however you look down your nose at this populist art-form thinking it’s purely for the kind of adults who wear rubber spiked rucksacks and speak fluent Klingon then just hear me out, please. I stopped being into Dr Who & Star Wars on the day I sprang pubes but my childhood love for a set of strips has not lapsed with age from picking up the Dandy, Tintin & Warlord when I could just about read to still buying Viz religiously to this day. I should also mention all the modern graphic novels that now rest impressively on my shelves, you won’t find obscure Manga madness or sci-fi goth porn here, oh no. You’ll find the story of Hip Hop, biographies of Johnny Cash, Ollie Reed & Fidel Castro alongside first hand accounts of Auschwitz, Hiroshima, Palestine & Bosnia all laid bare in the most clear and colourful way a book can possibly be. Comic strip doesn’t just  mean Garfield going on another lasagna mission.

Mariscal - Una Noche Particular - El Vibora65 HR

So if I’ve convinced you of the validity of this accessible and entertainingly geek free side of comics then I now urge you to pickup Thames & Hudson’s ‘Comics A Global history…’. For within it’s lively pages you’ll find everything to know about how comics went from being a cute advertising gimmick to become a spellbindingly entertaining form of self-expression. This is also an art-form that has a hundred different styles and genres around the world, from Italian Fumetti to Japanese Garo there really is something for everyone (though may I suggest you read From Hell or Maus first?). There’s even stuff about blokes who can climb buildings and fly if you’re into all that Super Hero business, me personally I’m more of a Brown Bottle man. Buy it HERE.

43.01 Marc Bell - There is No Escape p 5 - KramersErgot 4 HR

18.01 Chaykin - American Flagg 6 p 7  HR

37.14 igort - 5 is the perfect number page hr.tiff

03.11 Craig Russell - Avatar and Chimera - Imagine #2 p4 HR

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