Common People AW12 – Stories from Overseas

I can’t say the name of this suave British label without instantly hearing “Sing along with the Common People, sing along and it might just get you through” playing loudly on a loop in my internal juke-box. Not that these sweet threads remind me of Jarvo & Co. or the sweaty faced inhabitants of my nearest tower-block in any way. Instead they tend to conjure up a classic Cabourn collection combined with dust-bowl era America vibes. Which is perhaps no surprise given that creative director of Common People ‘Kestin Hare’ (I do hope thats his real name) was Nige’s right-hand man for four years and this smart AW12 collection has in part been influenced by the superb film ‘There Will Be Blood’ and a variety of American military garments. So all you need to do now is get kitted up in some of this gear, get yourself a nice bowling skittle and pop into your nearest Bible class to find yourself an Eli.

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  1. Having recently received the Autumn/Winter 12 Common People in store the response to Kestin Hare’s latest collection ticks all the boxes. Military inspired and a background in appreciating premium quality fabrication and local sourcing is a key feature.

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