Community Clothing Webshop

Started off by British fashion designer Patrick Grant in 2016, Community Clothing is a social enterprise and clothing collective who are on mission to make excellent quality affordable clothing for men and women. Whilst also creating jobs for skilled workers, and by doing so helping to restore a real pride amongst Britain’s textile communities. The key to this is through their concise collection of high quality, every day staples and wardrobe classics at surprisingly reasonable prices. For examples there’s indigo selvedge jeans at £65, a classic Harrington jacket in khaki and navy at £109, cotton twill raincoats in khaki and navy at £129 as well as tees, knits,breton tops, shirts and chinos at similarly pleasing price points.  What’s even better news is that all this ethically ace gear is now available to buy on their new web shop here.  Do the right thing and buy yourself some Community Clothing.


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