Competition: Win a copy of ‘Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album’ COMP NOW CLOSED Well done Dom!

If you judge a book by it’s cover then I  really don’t need to tell you how fantastic this one is (see below). I will however give you a little bit of an insight into how it came together whilst you admire these ice cool snaps and then try and win yourself a copy. At the end of 1969 at the Fort Worth Art Center the legendary Dennis Hopper exhibited a collection of his photographs, a selection of striking images that chronicled the decadent and tumultuous times experienced by Dennis during the Sixties, shot in his own inimitable style. As well as candid snaps of his famous friends (including Bill Cosby, Andy Warhol, Paul Newman, Jane Fonda) also included were photos from his travels around Los Angeles, New York, London, Mexico, and Peru as well as  reportage of political rallies and Civil Rights marches. The photos only ever made the one appearance in public and have spent the past 40 odd years ‘lost’ in Dennis’s archive, until his sad passing in 2010 when they were rediscovered. These 400 vintage prints are much more than the results of just a film-star with a nice camera; they’re a beautifully well observed and executed, artistic album of images, capable of transporting the reader straight back to the coolest decade of the Twentieth century with each turn of the page.

So to be in with chance of winning this brilliant book from the equally brilliant Prestel Publishing, just tell us (in the comments section below) WHAT YOUR FAVOURITE DENNIS HOPPER FILM IS AND WHY. The lucky Winner will be picked in about a weeks time.




  1. Nigel Birch

    One of my favourite ever actors who played a small part in one of my favourite ever movies, Cool Hand Luke.
    He was the bet taker, not a lot of people know that!!

  2. Chainsaw Massacre 2 is easily in my 5 worst films ever, it is dreadful indeed.

    Apocalypse Now is my favourite movie featuring Dennis Hopper, though I don’t think of it as a “Dennis Hopper Movie”. Blue Velvet is probably my favourite “Dennis Hopper Movie”.

  3. Easy Rider. the classic counter culture film, with some cool bikes in it. plus the fact he was so off his box he thought he could release a cut of the film which was 4 hours long.

  4. nicodemus

    – has to be the gentle rom-com of Blue Velvet, often twinned with Chien Andalou and the Dali dream bit from Spellbound, ice cream, a video projector and beer

    “BE POLITE!….Thank you for the toast. That was a very nice neighbor. Did he hurt your little face? [punches Jeffrey in the stomach] That feel better?”

  5. Hoosiers – the scene where he listens to the last game from the hospital and he has finally put himself in rehab always makes me smile.

  6. Super Mario Brothers – just bizarre how he ended up playing a giant evil turtle in that! Odd, odd, odd!

  7. Out of the Blue.
    Because it’s grim, great and he also directed it.

  8. Straight Line 2

    Rivers Edge – proper psycopathic misfit, a role he always does well.

  9. WilliamItWasReallyNothing

    Apocalypse Now, purely for the ‘three cameras round your neck’ steez

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