Contemporary Menswear (Thames & Hudson)


I don’t think I’ve ever come across a book that features as many clued-up mates in one book as Contemporary Menswear, in fact I know I haven’t.

From Steven Vogel’s definitive intro on just why we’ve all gone a bit nuts over dead nice clothes lately to Calum Gordon’s pontification on why we’re all suckers for anything with Made in Japan stitched into it, to Proper co-editor Mark’s historic tale of the birth and evolution of our humble mag and of course the interview with Bolton’s Answer to Malcolm McLaren Glenn Kitson which had me LOLing and nodding sagely in equal amounts. Then of course there are the equally great contributions from Jeff Carvalho, Minya Quirk, Nicholas Schonberger and Jian DeLeon who also really know what they’re talking about but I guess the real meat and potatoes of this book are the brand features. In this chunky tome they’ve pretty much featured most of the small but perfectly formed brands that are currently hanging up in your wardrobe, though by the sounds of it a few miserable fuckers declined being in the book or were just too lazy to answer their emails. But who cares about them when you’ve got the impeccable role-call of Engineered Garments, Garbstore, Nigel Cabourn, Eat Dust, Wings + Horns, Howlin’, Reigning Champ, Filson, Universal Works, Monitaly et al on board? If you love our mag/site then you will definitely love this book too, probably more so. Essential reading for anyone who’s lost sleep over how many times they should be rolling up their selvedge jeans or has found themselves reluctantly shaving off their Bullet Baxter beard because all the Topman divs are onto it now.

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