Converse Essentials Apparel Collection

Remember when the Pete Tong Radio one show on Friday nights used to have that vocal sting that went E-E-E-E-E-E-Essential? Great days weren’t they? The reason I’m reminiscing about those ravey radio days is because I always get that sample playing over and over in my head whenever I happen upon the word Essential. Maybe it’s due to brain damage from ‘having it’ at one too many warehouse party or perhaps a part of me wishes that it was still the early 90s but either way it’s my way of talkingto you  about those certain items of clothing that no man should be without. Speaking of which Converse have just released their (E-E-E-E-E-E-)Essentials collection which comprises of such staples as crew neck sweats, hoodies, zip ups, tees and sweat pants for Spring 2017. Available in a selection of  strong in very wearable colours with minimal/unfussy branding and lots of fancy details such as 360gram legacy loopback fleece, 4 needle flat lock stitch construction and reverse bound rib trims you really can’t go Pete Tong with this gear.

Available here.


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