Converse x GOLF le FLEUR*

Have you seen that Nuts & Bolts show that Tyler the Creator has done on the Vice channel? I looks pretty good. I’ve only watched one of them but it was about these daisy age-esque shoes he’s done with Converse and his own label GOLF le FLEUR*, which featured some people jumping into a swimming pool wearing some proper ace pairs of One Stars.  Well such is the success of this colourful Converse collab that he’s back with three more pastel-y profiles in Geranium Pink, Bachelor Blue and Jade Lime.  To compliment these colourful kicks there’s also a hoodie emblazoned with the GOLF le FLEUR* logo, and comes in Jade Lime, Peach Pearl, Clearwater Blue and Egret colours. All of which are available to buy from January 18 via Converse.comgolfwang.com and retailers globally.


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