Corridor Sale at Parasol

Corridor is a very grown up brand. When we think about New York, often our minds cast to streetwear, all those growing skateboarding brands that have emerged from the last ten years, or sometimes the sophistication of something like Aimé Leon Dore. But there’s an unsung hero in New York, one with the mature outlook on life that we occasionally pretend we have, crossed with the self-awareness of a brand like NY’s Noah. 

Corridor cares about fibres, about dyes, about tailoring. And fortunately, many of their extremely well tailored shirts are on sale at Parasol, as well as some summer-ready shorts and hats. 

We keep telling ourselves that one day we’ll dress more grown up, and if you’ve made the leap, Corridor is there for you.

Shop the Corridor sale at Parasol.

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