Cottonopolis Swiss Army Shirts – Round Two at Oi Polloi



Making the ‘Greatest Comeback Since Lazarus” (copyright The Late, Great Sid Waddell) Oi Polloi bring back in house label Cottonopolis‘ Swiss Army Shirt, in one new fabric and three new belting colours.

Not saying that The Second Coming beats The Stone Roses debut into a Cocked Hat, but sometimes that second lp feels right; and don’t even get me started on how Empire Strikes Back pisses all over Star Wars, as a visual delight: Han’s Woolrichesque Parka > Luke’s white Judo outfit all day long.  What I’m getting at is that sometimes the original isn’t always the best.

And so it is with this release from Cottonopolis.  Last years Swiss Army Shirts, in that heavy duty cotton went down a storm, selling out, and leaving a throng of upset lads, who snoozed and losed (alright ‘lost’ for the pedants).

Speaking from experience, I was one of that happy band who got their hands on one, and it gets worn.  Loads.  But as the sun gets warmer in the coming months (yeah, alright, sit down Schafernaker) it’s going to have to be moth-balled till September.

So what do that lot at 63 St Thomas Street do?  Go and release it in a warmer-climate-friendly, dead on-trend, Ripstop cotton don’t they.  Not stopping there, they also change the colours too (in the Olive and Navy case not a lot, I’ll grant you; but HELLO you little Putty Sage beauty).


Same pattern as last time, giving you them hand warmer  pockets, two chest ones and that quirky little off-centred bugger at the front.  At the back there’s that vent; curved hems at the side, and a half button placket.  All very ‘Daiki‘.  All very lovely.

Get in sharpish, either in store or online here.


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