CP Company Goggle Cap

The world can roughly be divided into two different categories, namely those people that think a pair of goggles on a piece of headgear is a good thing and those who don’t. Personally as someone who loves the iconic CP Company Mille Miglia hood I love anything that reminds me of that landmark moment in jacket history where twentieth century Italian futurism met a British subculture and both fell head over heels in love. I mean caps are fine as they are, I have no problem with that, but add some handy fold down goggles and a woven CP patch logo and you’ve literally got a headful of history. Imagine how good they’d be for sunbathing in too? Don’t go anywhere near a beach this summer without one of these caps if you want to amuse, impress and encourage conversation in equal amounts.

Buy a CP Company Goggle cap from Mainline Menswear here.



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