C.P. Company SS19 Technical Memec Shell Jackets

As it’s that time of year when the mercury on the thermometer is going up and down like a bride’s nightie you need something lightweight and technical when it comes to jackets. C.P. Company’s Memec shell jackets being the perfect solution to trans seasonal climatic conundrums as they’re waterproof but also breathable meaning you’ll stay dry but won’t slowly poach yourself to death in the process.  Memec is a 3 layer shell based around a Tyvec or HDP, membrane with the Tyvec membrane being the most efficient material out there. It’s extremely resistant to chemical agents and perforation by micro elements as well as being waterproof and breathable as the outer polyurethane coating and the inner micro nylon mesh act as protection for the Tyvec membrane.  It’s also helps that they look pretty amazing too doesn’t it?

Check out the C.P. Company Memec Shell Jackets here.


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