Creep by Hiroshi Awai SS 14

*Thom Yorke voice* I buy from Creep, I’m not a weirdo…….

I’d like to stay I came across Creep after a mad night out in Tokyo’s über cool east district, drinking saki mixed with snake blood and nearly having a tear up with the local yakuza in a karaoke bar but I’d be lying for 3 reasons, other than a flight layover I’ve never been there, I don’t know if there’s an über cool east district and I first saw Creep on Proper a few months back.

Suffering from the opposite of anorakaphobia (I stole that from @markpropermag but as I’m writing for him it’s a bit like stealing money from your mum’s purse to buy her a present right?) I tracked down the Wool Blend Anorak through The Clear Agency (who couldn’t have been more helpful, Hiroshi Awai himself sent two sizes over from Japan) and I can safely say it was the best thing I bought last year, when I wear it I feel a bit like Pirlo in the excellent Guy Called Minty print only with a shitter beard. I told all and sundry (well, my 160 odd Twitter followers) about the navy one in the Concept by Cruise sale and I would buy that too if it was in my size but did you listen (Steve?) did you fuck. As it happens it’s still available and it’s a fucking steal.

Anyway, on to spring/summer 14, coincidentally my lucky number and the number of the latest Proper Magazine which you should have but can get here if you haven’t. Atoo have got a great selection from Creep, the Harbour jacket, a simple three pocket chambray lined number in red, the denim cotton Worker jacket, and the Jacquard Nora jacket for when you’re rocking that Japanese painter look (not sure I could this off pull off but love all the same).

Over at Original Attire they’ve got the Sailor jacket in blue and red (which I’ve got and love) and the green/brown Safari jacket. Loads of pockets with a few quirks and the quality and detailing you’d expect from Japan with the added bonus of not seeing anyone wearing it every time you go to football/karaoke/for sushi.

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