Crepe City Issue 003


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OK nice one, I can plug someone else’s ace mag now. Our top trainer mag mates Crepe City have just unleashed their third issue and it’s a bit of a scorcher yo. Featuring the same ace design but in a new bigger format this issue sees a cover story on the mighty adi EQT ADV PK as well as an enlightening look at Walter ‘Clyde’ Frasier’s career as well as his eponymous Puma shoe. Add to this a city guide to London plus slew of compelling content from the likes of Rebecca Naen, Gary Warnett, Constance Victoria Phillips, Bruno Drummond, Nellie Eden, David Hellqvist, Charlotte Moss, Chris Aylen, Megan Ann Wilson, Teddy Fitzhugh, Ollie Adegboye, Tiago Chediak, Jesse May Fisher and Dom Fleming and you’ve got yourself a top notch trainer title.

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