Crescent Down Works at The Great Divide

I’ve met some of the good people from Crescent Down Works and I have to say that their personalities match their products. i.e. warm, good looking and full of old school American charm. Making what is without a doubt some of the finest down jackets and vests in the entire world, they’ve been making their wonderful wares since the seventies as well as making lots of other down filled products for a number of high end brands around the world. Those purveyors of marvellous menswear at The Great Divide have beenĀ  fortunate enough to stock this incredibly American heritage brand and have a selection of their impeccable down ‘sweaters’ and Italian vests available to buy. A combination of timeless style and incredible quality these delectable down pieces are likely to last you a lifetime.

Check out the Crescent Down Works range at The Great Divide here.


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