D&AD 50 (Taschen)

D&AD sprang into life 50 years ago as a non profit making, educational charity set up by creative mavericks David Bailey, Terence Donovan and Alan Fletcher as a means to reward and raise standards of creative communication. The yearly D&AD Awards receive thousands of thought-provoking entries from the bizarre to the beautiful all of which are judged by a panel who decide on the best work which appears in the annul D&AD book. The really impressive entrants are also awarded the much coveted ‘Yellow Pencil’ and for those that are truly phenomenal they receive the highest accolade of all the ‘Black Pencil’. For this special anniversary volume, each of the last 50 years is represented by a D&AD president or other key figure who shares his or her favourites from the year. Interspersed stories, biographies, and a timeline document the history of D&AD and the development of the industry, through the experiences of creative individuals who have been most involved with its evolution. From the birth of TV advertising in the sixties to the digital revolution of the 2000s, D&AD has lived through it all and helped to shape what it is today. This inspirational book is an ideal way to observe the best from the collected world of creative communications over the past five decades.



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