Daiki Suzuki’s penultimate collection for Woolrich Woolen Mills

I love Imperfection. I love something that doesn’t look like anything else” – Daiki Suzuki

As you may have already heard designing legend/expert/God Daiki Suzuki is soon to leave one of our favourite labels Woolrich to concentrate more on his EG stuff.  The Japanese designer has been at the helm of the label for five years and in that time has reinterprated Woolrich’s rich American history by way of some suprisingly modern yet timeless looking gear that never fails to impress. His final autumn collection for the brand doesn’t disappoint with the introduction of bold stripes, new fabrics and a new more structured aesthetic, oh and a balaclava and poncho that are bound to make you stand out from the crowd. Top stuff.


  1. Looks cool.. Ill try this character once or twice.. Look guys you will need to go in with a extended mind.. See how the gadget is.. Wish they would let us talk to the players who take part in the beta.. So we get get a feel how this game is turning out.. Hate that nda items.. I know why they certainly it but its half truths.. If a game is bad they would like to work on it and turn it.. Sort of like darkspore the games just bad..

  2. admin

    He looks like my mate Chris Wake but it’s not him

  3. That model has a lovely beard and head of hair.

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