Daniel Shephard Reimagines Santa Cruz Skateboard’s Screaming Hand

Santa Cruz Skateboard’s iconic ‘Screaming Hand’ is one of the most established graphics in skateboarding. Since it was designed by Jim Phillips in 1981, the vivid blue eye popper has been plastered everywhere, not just on apparel, but also imagined through sculpture, in lightboxes, paintings, sprayed on walls – in short, if you can imagine a medium, the Screaming Hand has done it. 

Continuing its use as a vehicle for artistic expression, Santa Cruz Skateboards has collaborated with Mexican-born, NY-based Daniel Shephard, who’s slathered the Screamer with a slithery snake. Inverting the Hand’s original blue brightness with grey monotone, the wrap around snake stands out in red and green flashes, while glass smashes from the force of impact. 

The graphic is part of Santa Cruz Skateboard’s FW21 range. 

Other key bits include an eclectic range of denim and check shirts, a winter staple puffer and classic accessories like socks and beanies.  

Santa Cruz’s Californian steeze might be the perfect antidote to the darker days that’re gradually approaching. 

Santa Cruz Skateboard’s FW21.

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