Danner, Stumptown Collection SS12

I know it’s getting pretty icy out there at the mo but do we really need an excuse to show you some fantastic looking, beautifully put together, American hiking boots? I say hiking though they were originally created for big tough loggers back in depression era 1930s Wisconsin (before moving to Portland, Oregon). Where I guess anyone lucky enough to find a bit of work really needed to know that their footwear could go the distance and wouldn’t let them down when they were smack bang in the middle of the wilderness, especially when running away from hungry bears or toppling red-woods. Over the following decades Danner’s reputation for making quality hard-wearing boots gradually spread beyond its woodland home and into the rest of the world, as people realised these boots could stand up to some serious urban abuse as well as all things timber based. The SS12 Stumptown collection (a popular term for Portland being Stumptown i.e a town full of tree stumps) is comprised of classic Danner logger boot silhouettes, interpreted for a modern lifestyle featuring striking colour ways, contrast laces and a choice of technical sole units. We’ve been wearing Danners for a while now and they are without a doubt one of the best boots out there, managing to be both incredibly functional and really rather marvellous looking. TIM-BERRRRRR!!!!


  1. More white soled hunting boots……Can we move on yet?

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