Danton Wool Mosser Jacket

My friends have got a cat called Danton, it’s a proper bastard, one of those that lulls you into a false sense of security by letting you stroke if for a bit before it turns on you and tries to open up an artery with it’s claws. I think it’s called Danton, it could actually be called D’artagnan and they just pronounce it a bit weird. Anyway this Danton jacket though it has a French name and is lovely to stroke offers absolute zero threat of any kind of feline based attack. Made by an old school french workwear label that has become lovingly entwined with some Japanese know-how, Danton have a knack for making classic yet contemporary coats. This heavy duty Wool Mosser jacket is a prime example of their wonderful work, featuring a large detachable hood, open pockets on the hips and leather buttons, it’s essentially a more versatile answer to the duffle coat.

Get a Danton jacket from Peggs & Son here.


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