David Guttenfelder’s Uncensored North Korean Instagram Pictures

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It would be easy to try and sound a bit un-Proper and talk about what a landmark event this was; a world renown photojournalist Instagraming his way around North Korea. So I’ll avoid that best I can, as we don’t come here to get heavy. Instead, let’s all look at these pictures from one of the world’s greatest photographers, taken inside the highly secretive Democratic People’s Republic of Korea over the past year or so.

There’s something fascinating about DPRK. All those people believing stuff like their country has landed on the moon and that. It’s bad. All those people have never been free to speak their mind and lived their lives denied of the right to know what is really going on around this dog eat dog world we call home. All those millions of people just having to blindly follow their power crazed leaders down whatever path they choose.

But I suppose, at the same time, that means there is a whole nation of people who have never watched Geordie Shore. Just think; there is a country without a generation of kids collectively lowering their nation’s IQ and bank of cultural capital.

Sake, did it get too serious? Okay, best say something else about about dogs…

Let me lead you to Guttenfelder’s personal and DPRK instagram pages, highlights of which are featured below (including, above,  the best police uniforms you will ever see). Whilst you’re on it, also check out his official website for the kind of amazing pictures you’d expect to see from a multi award winning, National Geographic and Associated Press photographer.

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