David Huglin of Burtonwode Interviews Himself

Burton: For the sake of the narrative of this interview I’ll be Burton and you can be Wode. How does that sound to you?

Wode: Good plan. Very practical. Just proves what an insightful intelligent person you are.

Burton: Shucks I’m blushing. No you’re the clever handsome one.

Wode: win. I am.

Burton: Tell me what you’re up to at the moment.

Wode: The talented Daniel Peters of Your Samples Collective has put together a Best of British at Somerset House, which I’m involved in which is exciting. I’d never been to Somerset House before. There’s a distinct lack of fruit machines there which is disappointing, but aside from that it’s nice.

Burton: Marwood is involved in the Pop Up as well I believe?

Wode: Becky French (founder of Marwood) is a class act.  With a name like that she couldn’t fail. She has garnered a lot of plaudits, but she deserves them all. The new collection is killing it. She’s got wicked style too…which is not always the case with designers.

Burton: She has Wood in her name and so do you (kind of. It is pronounced Wood). Is this a case of shameless plagiarism?

Wode: No, honest Gov, it isn’t. Really, it isn’t. We’re named after a service station on the M62 called Burtonwood. Both the .com and iteration of that name was taken, so we changed it a bit. There are a few other reasons, but they’re boring so I’ll leave it out.

Burton: Thanks for that. I hate boring.

Wode: Yeah, me too.

Burton: Morrows Outfitters are also involved and like you/me have a big Liverpool influence in them. Do you think there is something going on with Liverpool at the moment?

Wode:  Yeah I do actually. Thom Murphy of New Power Studio is from the Wirral, so he’s a bit plastic, but we’ll take him regardless. And Christopher Shannon is also a Scouser. He has a line called Kidda, which is a definite nod to the city. I’ve always felt that the attitude of the brand was Liverpool based, that’s why the city is on the label. Scousers are a particular breed. Very separate but very welcoming at the same time. It’s a perspective I think, a Scouse way of looking at the world. I don’t think we take anything too seriously.

Burton: Lastly…..future plans?

Wode: Well, I’m working on the next print patterns which are inspired by four pubs from around theBritish Isles. One from Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol and London.  Four cities in which I’ve lived at one time or another. I don’t think anything sums up Britain as much as pubs, and it’s a good excuse to go down the ale house, so it made sense to me/you. I’ll leave you with a joke. Who are the nicest people in hospitals? The Ultra Sound lot. How about when they are away? The Hip replacement team.

Burton: Excellent stuff. Well thanks for your time. You’re penetrative words and razor sharp humour are a constant inspiration.

Wode: Right back at you. Good Night.


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