David Sparshott – Cycling Posters


As someone who spends too much a lot of time looking at ‘artistic stuff’ it takes quite a bit to turn my cynical head these days.

Well there I was casually mooching along Oldham street in Manchester when Ooh la la la it hit me like a graphite and coloured pencil drawn thunderbolt! In  a trendy bookshop (that shall remain nameless because they refuse to stock our magazine) I saw one of the coolest posters I have ever cast my eyes on (and I know Ben Lamb). I discovered it was ‘Bicycle Race Support Vehicles‘ by David Sparshott and featured a gloriously gallic study of thirteen beautifully detailed trucks and cars of varying vintage from the world of bike racing. Maybe it’s my subconscious love of Dinky cars poppin gup from my childhood or just my fondness for the French but I knew there and then that I just had to have that poster. I’m happy to report that it now lives next to my copy of Larousse Gastronomique, Mai 68 books/posters, Gainsbourg albums and Ricard ashtrays. Upon further investigation I’ve found that David  has created a wealth of bicycling related artwork from the evolution of bike frames, jerseys and TDF winners to dogs in baskets and tweed-clad couples  out for a leisurely pedal. All of which are available to buy here on his site for a very, very reasonable price.








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